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(PHP 4)

swf_actiongeturlGet a URL from a Shockwave Flash movie


void swf_actiongeturl ( string $url , string $target )

Gets the URL specified by the parameter url with the given target.



The URL, as a string.


The target, as a string.

Return Values

No value is returned.

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rob at notquitesonic dot com
13 years ago
I was trying to figure out what target meant above so I checked out the libswf documentation (in the DOC.html file). It mentions two important targets: "_level0" and "_level1". "_level0" is for replacing the current movie and "_level1" is for overlaying ontop of the current movie.
9 years ago
There are 16000 levels in Flash.

When I need something at the very top all the time, I put it on level 16000.

Typical case would be a close button, title, or some type of masking object like a border.
chris at simpehq dot com
13 years ago
Yeah levels are just a way that flashes uses to seperate up movies.  If you are creating it using PHP and not from a designers point of view (IE FLASH) then i think you will always be accessing LEVEL 0
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