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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

xml_get_current_byte_indexGet current byte index for an XML parser


int xml_get_current_byte_index ( resource $parser )

Gets the current byte index of the given XML parser.



A reference to the XML parser to get byte index from.

Return Values

This function returns FALSE if parser does not refer to a valid parser, or else it returns which byte index the parser is currently at in its data buffer (starting at 0).



This function returns byte index according to UTF-8 encoded text disregarding if input is in another encoding.

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turan dot yuksel at tcmb dot gov dot tr
9 years ago
The outcome of this function is heavily dependent on the parser implementation used. For example, at the point where the start_element_ callback is called, libxml2 parser consumes the entire element name and attributes, however expat does not.
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